Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First post for 2011

Queensland and Victoria have suffered terrible floods and there have also been some in New South Wales and Tasmania. These are some healing heart blocks waiting to be stitched. They will be a contribution to making quilts for the ones who have lost so much as a result. My thoughts are with those who have suffered.
Looking around our garden I noticed that our gardenia bushes covered in flowers. They have done well this year and the perfume is an extra bonus.

This geranium is a favourite of mine. It always has plenty of blooms.
That's all for now,
P.S Thanks Vickie for reminding me what year it is!


Vickie said...

gosh you trying to confuse me gal..2010 indeed it's 2011..not a great start to a the year for all those people affected by the floods.Love your Gardenia bush I can almost smell it form here,cheers Vickie

Khris said...

Thanks for being so thoughtful and making heart blocks Nessie...I know they will all be appreciated. Hugs

Heidi said...

Your flowers are beautiful...The floods have caused so much devastation. I am so sorry about that...

Heather said...

I would like to make some blocks and send them along for the flood victims. Do you have an address where I can mail them? I imagine there will be a great demand and they will need as many blocks as possible.