Sunday, March 22, 2009

Quilt Top

This is a quilt top I have put together. Next step is to baste and quilt it. I am going to donate it to the bushfire victims appeal.

The pattern was in Keepsake Quilting Quick Gifts supplement included with a Fons & Porter's Magazine.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Flowering Gums

It has been quite a hot summer here in Victoria. A lot of the plants were certainly punished. On Black Saturday the 7th February a lot of our plants' leaves were burnt. The flowering gum trees were an exception and thrived in the heat. There were a lot more flowering gum trees actually out in bloom this year. The bees took advantage of the nectar. The photos show just a few of the lovely colours we have enjoyed this summer.

Here is a poem taken from the Australian Flower Fairy Verse Birthday Book

Gum Trees

What does a gum tree look like
In the snow it's small with coloured branches
In the forests it is straight and tall.
Along the river banks
the red gums own
the secret world
that water birds call home.

One thing each gum tree has
wherever it may grow
are thousands of scented flowers
from white to red
offering their sweet honey
till all the birds are fed.

Margaret Thornton