Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My day out

Monday last I took a trip to St. Kilda to have a look at the shops and have a walk along the beach. The above is the smiley face of Luna Park, a fun theme park.

This is the kiosk at the end of the St. Kilda pier. The original kiosk which was built in 1903 was burnt down by arsonists in 2003. It had stood for 100 years. A new kiosk has been built for people to come and enjoy.

This picture was taken on St. Kilda pier looking towards The Esplanade.

There are a lot of cafes dotted along the beach.

There were a lot of people out and about enjoying the day.

The buildings in the City of Melbourne can be seen in the background.

It was a lovely day for a walk and sea breeze made it pleasant.

Although it was generally an overcast type of day it did not stop people lying on the beach and trying to catch a bit of sunshine!

That's all for now,