Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Greetings

                  Wishing you the wonder and joy that only Christmas brings, Merry Christmas!


Sunday, December 21, 2014

A pleasant day in Melbourne

       A couple of weeks ago I went to the City of Melbourne and walked around the garden areas.
                                                The weather was a pleasant mid 20c day. 
It was nice to see the fountain working.  Not so long ago because of the bad drought none of the fountains were cascading water.

                                                 A couple of the lovely flowers in bloom
The grass was still very green from the rains we have had.  It will not be long before they begin to yellow a little.
                             The Royal Botanical Gardens has many areas of different plants

like this bird's next

and tree fern
                                                                     a hut to rest a while
                                   I wandered around the path surrounded by the tall bamboo.
                  There were lots of people also enjoying the gardens on such a lovely sunny day.
                                            The trees were showing off their lovely blooms

and these Canna Lilies were lovely too.

                                       It was a perfect day for enjoying a ride in the gondola
I eventually reached the Tea Rooms where I met up with my friends for a Christmas break up lunch.

A view of Government House from the Botanical Gardens.
I always enjoy my visits to the Royal Botanical Gardens, there is much more to see there.
That's all for now,