Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Visiting the Fitzroy Gardens

Recently I visited the Fitzroy Gardens. It was lovely to see the avenues of trees and all the wonderful plants still there in spite of the long drought we have been experiencing over 12 years now. It is nice place to take a walk. It is a popular venue for weddings as one of the picture tells.

Captain James Cook's Cottage is a popular destination for people to come and visit. Captain James Cook was a world famous explorer and discovered the east coast of Australia. The cottage originally stood on the extremity of Great Ayton in the County of Yorkshire.

The cottage was a gift from Russell Grimwade. It was dismantled and shipped to Victoria in 1933 and arrived in 1934 and has been in the Fitzroy Gardens for 75 years. More about the cottage can be found at

Another attraction at the Fitzroy Gardens is the Tudor Village. I took a picture of the sign explaining how it came to be given to The City of Melbourne.

It certainly brought back childhood memories of visiting the Fairy Tree. Unfortunately today it is a tall stump but the art work on the Fairy Tree has been restored so that children can still visit and enjoy it. I hope the close up pictures do it justice.

It is the work of East Melbourne sculptor Ola Cohn. It was done during the years of 1931-34.