Saturday, November 27, 2010


Recently I visited Warrandyte and this is one of the lovely bush walks you can enjoy.

These are some of the relics of the gold mining era. There are a lot dotted around the hills of Warrandyte. Not much gold was found in the hills but it was not for lack of trying!

The Yarra River is flowing well after all the lovely rain we have had recently.

While I was walking on the pathway beside the river I saw this bird drying his wings with the help of the breeze.

This duck looks as though it has had enough of the water!

The duck eventually found an 'island' in the middle of the river to take a rest.

On my walk along the river bank I came across this piece of art work.

This year with all the rain we have had the grass has been a lush green quite a change from the last few years.

A couple of closeups of the tiles.

Warrandyte is a lovely tourist village with lots of lovely shops and restaurants and a quilt shop!

That's all for now,