Sunday, August 30, 2009

More Spring flowers, bag and purse finished

The first picture is the blossom of our miniature peach tree. As well as the blossom it also produces nice peaches to eat. The second is of some of our daffodils that have just bloomed.

The third picture is of a bag I have recently made. I saw this bag in a Homespun Magazine Handbag Special and knew I would have to make it as I liked it so much. There were two ways of making up the bag: as Lyria's Day Out Bag or Evening Bag (the one I selected). The fourth picture is a purse I made. I had enough material left over after making the bag to make a small purse to go accompany it. The bag was designed by Leoni Wainwright and Libby Celli-Bird of Gingham Collection.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another visit.....

Yesterday we visited Churinga Cafe again. My Mum just loves going there and seeing the birds (or their shapes as she does not have good eye sight). We went there as my daugthter and son wanted to treat her to afternoon tea for her 94th birthday which she will celebrate in September. It was a lovely sunny day. We enjoyed ourselves in very pleasant surroundings.

I took some more pictures. The Kookaburra is named "Fathead" There were King Parrots visiting. Their colours are spectacular.

Monday, August 10, 2009

A sign that Spring is coming and my Book Jacket

Blossom on our almond tree tells us that Spring is not that far away. The flowers on the gum trees have long gone and the gum nuts are left decorating the tree.

My husband has a leather book jacket for the book he is reading and I thought I would like one to protect my books whilst reading them and I made myself one out of some of my oriental fabric. Although the idea came from his book jacket I made mine in my own style to suit my needs.