Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My walk yesterday

Yesterday I went for a walk along the Warburton Trail, this time I started at Woori Yallock and walked to a place called Launching Place and then returned to Woori Yallock.

There was a lot to see along this track.
The sheep looked content in their fields

and one who thought the grass was greener over the other side of the fence!

We have had lots of rain during winter and spring and it is nice to see some water lying around.

This bird was taking a rest on the post.

I was not the only one walking yesterday!

It was nice to see a couple of deer in the fields.

Also some emus!

and an ostrich!

and a goat.

There were plenty of hay stacks in the fields and it was interesting to see how this farmer piled his hay with the help of his tractor.

It was a very enjoyable day walking along the track. A lovely sunny day.

That's all for now,


Khris said...

wow you have some fantastic places to walk...hugs Khris

Anonymous said...

dear nessie

who needs to go to the healsville sanctuary or the melbourne zoo when you can go on a walk along the warburton trail!!!

i really love your blog!!!