Friday, December 10, 2010

A Day in Melbourne

The flags were flying for Oprah. The City was full of people today.
I always enjoy walking through the arcades. This time of year they are decorated with everything Christmas.

A close up of a Christmas Wreath.

There were people everywhere today. It seems the Christmas rush has come early this year.

There were four of these jokers above this shop.

The poinsettias always add lots of colour this time of year.

I saw these pretty flowers in a bucket outside one of the shops.
I managed to get some of my Christmas shopping done.
Until next time,


. said...

Beautiful pictures, Nessie!! I love Christmas time!

Sandi said...

Love to see pictures of your part of the world at Christmas.

Hoping to get some of my own this year despite the broken foot!

Heidi said...

Hello Nessie, I like your beautiful pictures of Melbourne and your walks. Very pretty.

Heather said...

HOw nice to have flowers around at Christmas time. If we dig deep enough through the snow we can find bits of grass, but no flowers.

The arcade looks a lovely place to shop.