Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Visitors to our place

Kookaburra sits on the old gum tree.
merry merry King of the bush is he,
laugh kookaburra laugh, kookaburra
gay your life must be.

Marion Sinclair

We have had some visitors to our place the last few weeks. These Kookaburras are very friendly indeed and love to be fed a little mince meat. I think we are a designated stop on their trip they have around our neighbourhood. They do not get fed every time as we think they should look for food themselves.

As this is my first post for 2009 I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year with joy happiness and peaceful times.


creativedawn said...

They are beautiful birds!
I love your quilts!

Lynda B said...

Hey Nessie, thanks for stopping by my blog. I am sure we have met before, well in cyber space anyway. LOL Good luck with my give away.

Carol said...

Hi Nessie,
Always enjoy your posts on Mary Lou's group. What delightful birds! How fun that they sit and wait for a little morsel. They look very happy and well fed. And so tame, too!
Thanks for sharing. I'd never seen them before!
Carol in Fair Oaks, CA

Sandi said...

Hi Nessie,

Great photos of wonderful birds, so interesting to see what they look like. I think I've seen pictures of them in the past, but not someone's personal photos.

Thanks for sharing,
Sandi in New Westminster B.C.

Khris said...

How cool...you lucky bugger getting visitors like that...love them...hugs Khris