Sunday, January 25, 2009

Australia Day Weekend

It is Australia Day on the 26th January so it is a public holiday which makes for a three day weekend. A majority of people will head down to the beach and enjoy themselves or take the opportunity of having a barbeque etc. and meet up with family and friends.

Recently I went to the Churinga Cafe which is at Mt. Dandenong and opposite the William Ricketts Santuary. The Santuary is a very special place. William Ricketts was a sculptor. I first went to the santuary in the late 1960's. William Ricketts had a special love of the Australian bush and the animals such as the Lyre bird and Possum. He also had a spiritual connection and respect of the land as the Australian Aborigines. I was fortunate when I went to the Sanctuary sometimes he would come out and speak to the crowd gathered there about the protection of the bush and all the creatures. His sculptures depict Aborigines and also I think himself as a young man.

The photos are ones I have taken at the Churinga Cafe where they have some of William Ricketts sculptures. There are many more at the Sanctuary of course.

The Churinga Cafe has a lot of Crimson Rosellas and also the Sulphur Crested Cockatoos who visit and take advantage of the seeds which are put out for them to eat!

The William Ricketts Santuary is a very special place and if you ever have the opportunity to visit you will not be disappointed.

Here is a site which tells you more about William Ricketts and the sanctuary


Khris said...

Great pics Nessie...Happy Australia Day!!! I am proud to be an Aussie...hugs Khris

Beeshebags said...

Great pics Nessie, and even lovely pretties down the right hand side too! lol


Karen in Tucson said...

Thank you for sharing your photos and all Nessie. I would love to visit Melbourne sometime and have a latte with you.
Karen in Tucson, AZ USA

Sandi said...

What wonderful pictures to share with us, thank you for doing this and telling us the wonderful history.

One day I hope to visit your country and hope to meet up with you.

Glad you enjoyed your weekend.

Sandi in New Westminster B.C.

Cath Ü said...

Very talented work there.... I love stuff like that... and of course I love all of your work too...LOL
Cath U

Reena said...

Thanks, Nessie and Happy Aussie day! and Chinese New Year etc. I love the red bird at the cafe- I miss seeing the Cardinals we had in New Jersey- none here in sunny CA or San Diego anyway. I am glad you are part of our MaryLou group. Of course like everyone else I'd love to make a visit one day to your beautiful country. Best of everything to you Nessie- Reena SD CA

karenfae said...

what a lovely garden! I love all the sculptures, what an interesting place to visit.

Anonymous said...

Lovely Photo's, we are happy that you enjoyed your recent visit to our lovely restaurant, please come back soon remember to say hi to us
Kerrie & Mark Filgate