Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Market

 Last Saturday I went for a walk up to the Christmas Market .  In December the Main Street is closed off to traffic to make it easier for people to wander and visit all the stalls.
 There was a jumping castle
 pony rides for the children.
 The Jazz Band took their post in the bus stop and added to the morning with their music.
 There were lots of Christmas items for sale.
 Lots of knitted teddies
 and other toys.
 Here are a variety of hair clips that were available to purchase.
 Scarves in many colours.
 and these two beautiful dolls needing a good home,
 and handbags galore.
 These cows were great to see, some one's creativity.
Of course it would not be a Christmas Market without Father Christmas.  He was kept busy with all the children.

It was a lovely day, the predicted rain did not happen which made it much more enjoyable.

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