Friday, October 28, 2011

Nearly the end of October

During the week we went on a drive to Hastings which is a suburb in the Mornington Peninsula. The above is a picture of the boat harbour. It was a very pleasant day.

I noticed these two ceramic pictures on the front of the Community Hall in Hastings.

That's all for now,



Theodora quilts said...

Hello Nessie I love your blocks that you made on your header, I took a long break from blogging I was not feeling up at to it due to the economic situation in my country as you might of heard on the news,plus the summer heat sort of gets to me, looks like you had a nice time and the mosaics are real pretty,wish you well.theodora

Sandi said...

Love your new header picture, you did a lovely job on the blocks.

Hope your Spring is cool and wet and leads to a lovely summer.

Heidi said...

Hi Nessie,
Looks like you had a gorgeous drive. Your pics are beautiful. Have a great week ahead...Heidi