Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Spring time etc.

This bee looks as though he wants to bury himself in the Banksia flower.

The Spring flowers have been lovely this year due to the good rainfalls we have had.

I was surprised to see this possum on the side of the footpath when I was out on one of my walks. Usually possums are nocturnal creatures.


Diana said...

Nessie beautiful photos, I really enjoyed them, thanks for sharing.

creativedawn said...

What beautiful pics of the flowers! Looks like a great time to be in Australia...right now! lol...I so want to visit. What have you been doing; any time for your sewing/crafting?


theodora said...

Hi Nessie just popped over to see what your up to ,and I see some beautifull flowers and the possum wow do you live out in the county, your spring is arriving and our fall ,have I mentioned that I have a cousin living in narre warren is that enywhere close to you. wish you a happy time enjoying spring time ooh!! I made , did that rhyme lol , theodora

Sandi said...

Lovely photos Nessie,

Don't you love finding the bees hard at work? I spotted a few this past weekend taking in the end of the summer flowers.

Khris said...

How cute Nessie...although they aren't so cute when they are living in the rafters...been there done Khris