Monday, May 31, 2010


These are the berries of the lilly pilly tree. These berries make wonderful jam.
A new bloom on the hydrangea bush

and on the same plant older blooms that have changed to their autumn

The above are some of the lovely Autumn colours we have enjoyed this year.

The Japanese Maple in it's Autumn colours.

Coming home from my walk today I ventured into Oak Lane.
A lovely group of oak trees.


Teddlywinks said...

Hi Nessie,
We lost our lilly pilly last year in the wind storms - it went straight through the fence into our neighbours' back yard! Fortunately only their hills hoist was damaged - it was repaired within a few days.
But the possums and birds miss the berries now!

Sandi said...

Beautiful pictures Nessie,

I've never heard of a lilly pilly tree before, what does the fruit taste like?

Our Spring has been very wet, but the Dogwood trees are in full bloom right now. I'll have to take some pictures this week and post them on my blog for you to see. They are the provincial flower for British Columbia.

Your Fall colours are lovely!