Friday, January 1, 2010

A new year begins.....

Every morning is the start of a new day and sometimes there is a beautiful sunrise to enjoy.

Every rainbow is special and when it appears it is always new.
These photos I took recently. Today we have grey skies and it has been raining overnight. After having two extremely hot and dry days the rain has been a blessing.
I wish everyone a Happy New Year and I hope that 2010 brings contentment and peaceful times ahead.


Khris said...

what a lovely sunrise...happy new year Nessie..hugs Khris

Sandi said...

Happy New Year Nessie,

Those are some lovely pictures you took. Thanks for sharing them with us. May the year be good for you and all you know.

May you have many rainbows in the coming year.

Sandi in rainy New Westminster B.C.