Monday, November 23, 2009

A bit of this and a bit of that

I have a love of all birds, and the owls are no exception. I just had to make this owl when I saw the pattern in a magazine.

These are a couple of my azaleas that were out in bloom this year. They make a pretty display every year.

This pink fuscia is also a favourite of mine. So petite and still adding colour to the garden.

This close up photo is part of a planting our local council did. The polyanthus make a wonderful display.


Vickie said...

Oh Nettie your owl is beautiful..the colour of your azaleas are striking and I love your fuschia,cheers vickie

Sandi said...


Your pink fushia is so delicate and pretty. I've never seen one that shade before.

The two colour azaleas are very striking, they remind me of candy canes.

You did a lovely job on your owl mady he bring you much joy and wisdom!

Sandi in New Westminster B.C.

Beeshebags said...

Hey Nessie, hoot hoot, that owl is you've had practice, you'll be able to make Khris and I one

I love looking at all the flower pics and touristy pics you post, keep up the good work.


creativedawn said...

Hi Nessie!
Ooooo! I love that owl! What beautiful flowers! We are preparing for the Thanksgiving holiday here in Philly! Have a blessed week...

Sharon-NZ said...

great owl Nessie, has khris sucked you into the owl vortex LOL

Khris said...

ohhh you big sneak...holding out on me...well done Nessie...the Owl looks great...hugs Khris

Teddlywinks said...

Hi Nessie,
I saw your beautiful black and white bags featured in Homespun this month - congratulations! What a buzz!