Monday, August 10, 2009

A sign that Spring is coming and my Book Jacket

Blossom on our almond tree tells us that Spring is not that far away. The flowers on the gum trees have long gone and the gum nuts are left decorating the tree.

My husband has a leather book jacket for the book he is reading and I thought I would like one to protect my books whilst reading them and I made myself one out of some of my oriental fabric. Although the idea came from his book jacket I made mine in my own style to suit my needs.


Sandi said...

Hi Nessie,

Your spring pictures are lovely, are the almonde blossoms very fragrant?

The gum tree also looks interesting.

You did a lovely job on your book cover, congratulations

Solstitches said...

That book cover looks wonderful and the book looks good too - will have to look up that author.