Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rain, rain and more rain

Yesterday I went to the City of Melbourne with my daughter. It just happened to be the day that was the wettest day in Melbourne for two and a half years!! Fortunately we did not get wet and there was plenty of cover from the rain and all our time was taken up looking for Christmas presents in the shops.
The rain is a blessing as it has been very dry and we have not had good rains to fill up the dams for such a long time.
We stopped for a coffee in the Royal Arcade to rest our legs after doing some of our shopping. I noticed this lolly stand - very sweet treats indeed!!

We went to China Town where we had a lovely lunch. The pictures show how wet it was!!

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Vickie said...

oh Nessie thanks for sharing pictures of my hometown -waaahh makes me miss Victoris so much when I see pics....Glad to hear you didn't get wet-I always ate at chinatown when I visited the city,,cheers Vickie